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Our mission is to promote critical thinking, the experience of diversity, and art that is conscious as well as aesthetically valuable, through film.

In 2022, the AL ESTE Festival announces a gradual return to face-to-face attendance, concentrating on professional film theaters, cultural centers, open-air events and a large selection accessible online through 

The AL ESTE (EAST OF LIMA) film festival emerged in 2008 due to a significant absence of different and valuable content on the local billboard. After more than a decade, AL ESTE is in Peru the most solid alternative for access to current and artistically powerful cinema; from all over the world and especially from Central and Eastern Europe.

We not only focus on the exhibition of essential films, in Peru, AL ESTE also focuses on generating bridges of exchange, taking national cinema abroad through the international editions of the festival in Colombia, France and Argentina and strengthening the experience dialogue with great film professionals through talks, workshops and master classes. 


PERU 2022

A new program with the best premieres of 2021 and 2022. In addition to film history. Music, art and parties.


s/. 29.00

Exclusive entry for
+ 50 titles accessible from all over Peru

Movies you saw in EAST XII (2021)

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Emerging Peru Award 2020

Dubbed into Quechua by Cicuta Audiovisual and the Al Este International Film Festival.



The AL ESTE Film Festival comes only once a year and brings you the opportunity to discover films that you won't see on other platforms. You can discover some of our films from home at

Tonight 2021


Wanton Witch is a trans DJ and producer, born in an isolated community on the island of Borneo in 1993 and living in Bangkok since she was 18 years old. Wanton Witch discovered in the Thai capital the different musical genres that would later influence her sound as a producer. . After starting out enjoying trap and hip hop, she discovers the city's club and techno scene and starts her career as a DJ in 2018. She was also a co-founder of the queer underground creative collective Non Non Non which has become a staple of Bangkok nightlife.


Just as punk used the images and anthems of the monarchy to crack tradition from its own symbols, Maria Jose Garcia Piaggio,Lara Pillado Matheu y Alejandra Morote Peralta have taken some masculine visions of feminine sexuality to intervene in them and make them sprout a look that shakes common places adopted by the patriarchy to interpret our bodies.

The bellSHOOT DOWNbinds to focus RELEASE IMAGE, where we screen pleasure and desire, the sexuality and eroticism of women, the reconquest of the body that has been covered up, objectified and fetishized for so long. 

EAST XII (2021)
International Guests / Masterclass

We present you the international guests who will offer 4 world-class masterclasses! They will be carried out via Zoom with simultaneous translation into Spanish. Do not miss it!

This 2021, you will be able to enjoy the best of our programming, master classes, conversations and more cinematographic experiencesfrom May 26 to June 18, 2021

This year we will return to your home through de

The XII edition has as its main focus women, in front of and behind the cameras, from different perspectives and manifestations, from the relative political, social and sexual liberation. We consider this to be of special relevance taking into account the times in which we find ourselves, in which the fight for women's rights is a convulsive and unfinished field, especially in the audiovisual industry.

The organizing team works hard to meet again this year. Thus,

We will wait for you!

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