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Jaguar East

The EAST Jaguar arrives thanks to Backup Makers

This 2021, we bring a renewed  jaguar design, created by the Backup Makers Industrial Design studio, and the Peruvian industrial designer Carlos Terranova. The Jaguar was originally designed by the Peruvian sculptor Sebastián Burga, recognized for his kinetic sculptural works. The first design included rope systems and later a pendulum.


The new design, proposed by Carlos Terranova and Backup Makers, focuses on  an optimized mechanism, developed with technology that combines laser cutting and 3D printing.

Backup Makers

It is an alliance of Peruvian entrepreneurship / companies and volunteers linked to the maker community at the national level.

This alliance was born with the aim of uniting the efforts of those who had access to digital manufacturing machinery at the national level, to devise proposals that could contribute to mitigating the effects of the pandemic. Its products included easy-to-make PET plastic face shields with the goal of donating 40,000 units to health professionals. 

In the studio, different exclusive and sustainable furniture, objects and utensils are also developed.

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