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Polish animated fiction KILL HIM AND LEAVE THIS TOWN by Mariusz Wilczyński,
and the Ukrainian documentary THE EARTH IS BLUE LIKE AN ORANGE by Iryna
Tsilyk both took the Jaguar TO THE EAST for the best film of the XI Edition. The
Festival can be enjoyed until the end of the month, through

Lima, October 12, 2020.- The XI Edition of the AL ESTE Film Festival, developed for the first time in digital format and online edition, presented more than 60 films through its new platform Likewise, it offered the public the opportunity to chat with highly prestigious directors through four master classes and more than 10 talks,
transmitted from Al Este's Facebook and with the support of institutions such as the Cultural Center of Spain and the French Alliance.

Productions arrived from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine , Uruguay, which were exhibited virtually. In addition, personalities from different countries participated live in daily events. All the activities that were carried out can be found on AL ESTE's Facebook page.

In this edition, marked by the global pandemic of COVID-19, many sacrifices were faced. However, it was possible to present a varied program as has been customary in the last decade. Thanks to the proximity of the virtual format, it was also possible to bring together, as never before, various personalities from world cinema such as Abel Ferrara, Hubert Sauper, Tsai Ming-liang and Sergei Loznitsa. 


In addition to the organization of various activities, JAGUAR TO THE EAST was presented for the first time, an artistic piece by Sebastián Burga, which will henceforth be the symbol of the Festival in our region and will serve to reward and recognize the winning films.

The films that won the Official East Competition, in a technical tie (ex-aequo), were KILL IT AND LEAVE THIS TOWN (Poland), by Mariusz Wilczyński, and THE EARTH IS BLUE LIKE AN ORANGE (Ukraine), by Iryna Tsilyk. The Official Selection jury was made up of Sebastien Blayac (France), Miguel Ángel Moulet (Peru), Dina Naser (Jordan), Marité Ugas (Peru) and Melania Urbina (Peru).

In the “Emerging Peru” Competition, the main prize went to the short film LA CELEBRACIÓN, by Bryan Urrunaga. The Special Mention went to 198451, by Valentín Falconí, and the Mention for Best Direction went to CERQUILLO, by Carmen Rojas Gamarra. The jury was made up of Luciana Abad (Argentina), Jaime Manrique (Colombia), and Ismael Martin (Spain).

In the EXPERIMENTALESTE Competition, the best experimental short films were “PAQARINANCHISMANTA HUK QILLQA” (WRITTEN FROM OUR PAQARINA), by Jorge Castro, and “MATERIA/L FOUND AND/OR IDEA OF A HOUSE”, by Isaac Ernesto Ruiz. The jury was made up of Ángela Lopez (Uruguay), Juan Diego Tobalina (Peru) and Vera Tyuleneva (Russia/Peru).

In the Al Este Itinerante competition, the Best Film was MAMÁ, MAMÁ, MAMÁ, Sol Berruezo Pichon Rivière's debut film. The Special Mention went to SOLO, a documentary by Artemio Benki. The jury was made up of Lucile de Calan (France), Heleen Gerritsen (Holland) and Silvia G. Romero (Argentina).

The Press Jury, made up of Erica Acuña (Colombia), Fredy Friedlander (Argentina) and Paola Ugaz (Peru) awarded the award for Best Film to the documentary THE EARTH IS BLUE LIKE AN ORANGE, by Iryna Tsilyk. The Special Mention was twice: for KILL HIM AND LEAVE THIS TOWN, by Mariusz Wilczyński, and FOR THOSE WHO REMAIN, by Barnabás Tóth. The Audience Award went to ''CINES DE VIDEO'' by Wari Gálvez Rivas and ''MARE'' by Andrea Štaka.

Legendary Taiwanese director TSAI MING-LIANG gave an extraordinary and very intimate Master Class from Taipei, in which he shared many anecdotes and experiences of work and life. He received from AL ESTE a Jaguar award for his career. Abel Ferrara, the renowned American filmmaker, offered from Rome details about "Siberia", a film that was part of the Festival, as well as a look at his career, his cinema and his future work. The Austrian HUBERT SAUPER. and the Ukrainian SERGEI LOZNITSA, great filmmakers, expressed their experiences and points of view regarding the process of plotting the events from an artistic perspective. 

For his part, the renowned French filmmaker and film critic OLIVIER ASSAYAS accompanied us from Paris to take a look at the French philosopher and filmmaker GUY DEBORD, whose entire work can be enjoyed for free at ELEKRAN.COM. At the same time, the platform hosted a look at the Czech production of the famous director Miloš Forman, as well as a documentary about his entire career.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the premiere of the German classic “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, a restored and remastered version in 4K was presented free of charge, with a premiere music composed by the Peruvian duo Warsaw.

The ESTELAB audiovisual projects laboratory received more than a hundred Ibero-American projects, and seven were chosen to develop them together with specialists such as Aneta Zagorska (Poland), Cosima Finkbeiner (Germany), Juan Manuel Dartizio (Argentina), Esme Jofré Díaz (Chile ), Martha Orozco (Mexico), Linda Díaz Pernía (Venezuela) and Michel Salazar (Peru).

Thanks to agreements with distributors and directors of the titles that were presented, these will be available by section, as a kind of summary of the best of the Festival, through the ELEKRAN.COM platform. Those who bought their subscription will have the opportunity to continue accessing the films, as well as new users who want to purchase their ticket. You just have to create an EL EKRAN account, and you can watch several of these titles for free.

This edition was made possible thanks to SODA Films, Ministry of Culture, Movies That Matter, Espacio Fundación Telefónica Movistar, Embassy of Taiwan, Embassy of Italy, Italian Institute of Culture, Embassy of France, Cultural Center of Spain, Alliance Française de Lima, Goethe Institut, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of Switzerland, Swiss Culture Fund, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Hungary, Embassy of Slovenia, Infinito and Lits.

To continue enjoying the titles of AL ESTE, you can register for free at and enjoy the catalog, both by paying a single subscription and free sections. 



Best film:

"KILL HIM AND LEAVE THIS CITY"by Mariusz Wilczyński (Poland)

"THE EARTH IS BLUE LIKE AN ORANGE"by Iryna Tsilyk (Ukraine)



Best Short Film:

THE CELEBRATIONby Bryan Urrunaga

Special mention:

198451by Valentin Falconi

Mention for Best Direction

FRINGEby Carmen Rojas Gamarra


Best Experimental Short Film:


PAQARINA)by George Castro.



Best film

"THE EARTH IS BLUE LIKE AN ORANGE"by Iryna Tsilyk (Ukraine)

Special mention:

KILL HIM AND LEAVE THIS CITYby Mariusz Wilczyński (Poland)

FOR THOSE WHO REMAINby Barnabás Tóth (Hungary)


''VIDEO CINEMAS''by Wari Galvez Rivas (Peru)

''MARE''by Andrea Štaka (Switzerland)

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