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Debord by Assayas

The prestigious French director Olivier Assayas will analyze Situationism, a political-artistic movement founded and directed by one of his main influences: the philosopher and filmmaker Guy Debord. His conversation will focus on Debord's scarce but powerful filmography, with special emphasis on "The Society of the Spectacle", a fundamental manifesto in the criticism of culture and society of the 20th century.

Consecutive translation

Olivier Assayas (France)

He has written and directed more than twenty films. After studying art and literature, he made short films, wrote screenplays and wrote articles for the Cahiers de Cinéma (between 1980 and 1985). In 1986 he made his debut at the Venice Film Festival with "Disorder".



Carolina Sourdis (Colombia)

Colombian filmmaker and researcher. Doctor in Film Studies from Pompeu Fabra University. It combines film creation with film research, cultural management, teaching and curating. 


FRIDAY 02/10


women behind the scenes

Three directors of the competitive sections of the Festival will discuss the presence of women in the film industry: from the obstacles they go through and the stereotypes with which they are described, to the problems they encounter in their work and the issues they address in his movies.

Moderator: Paloma Iberico (Peru)

AL EAST Festival Programmer

Simultaneous translation

Andrea Staka (Switzerland)

Graduated from the MFA film program at the Zurich School of Visual Arts. His film “Fraulein” (2006) won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Festival. In 2007 he founded Okofilm Productions.

Andrea_Å taka_Directora.jpg

Sol Berruezo (Argentina)

Graduated in filmmaking at the University of Buenos Aires, Sol Berruezo (24) has made her film debut with "Mamá, mama, mama", premiered at the Berlinale (2020) and in the 'Horizontes Latinos' section of the San Sebastián Festival .


Zoe Wittock (France)

He recently wrote and directed “Jumbo” (2020), a debut feature that premiered at the Sundance Festival and is competing at the Al Este Film Festival.

Zoe Wittok_Directora.jpg

FRIDAY 02/10


Taiwanese Cinema: From the New Waves of the 1980s and 1990s to Today

General overview of Taiwanese cinema of the 1980s and 1990s (first and second wave) and a look at contemporary Taiwanese cinema. Part 2: Focus on the cinema of two of the masters of Taiwanese cinema: Tsai Ming-liang and Hou Hsiao-hsien.

Moderator: Shanice Catalano

Juan Carlos Lemus

He directs and produces the podcast Cine con Acento. He covers international festivals as a freelance and reviews and criticizes media such as: Cero en Conducta, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Bakánica, Kinetoscope, among others.


sofia ferrero

Graduated in Social Communication, film critic and teacher. She is a programmer for the Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival (FIDBA). He graduated in Film Theory and Criticism at the Barcelona Film Observatory.


Shanice Catalano

She is a film director, actress, screenwriter and producer. He studied cinematography in Thailand and Malaysia. He studied Film Direction in South Korea. He has made short films and music videos in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, and other countries. Director of the Nollywood Film Festival in Peru.

Shanice Catalano_moderadora.jpg


five pm

Milos Forman: The New Czech Wave

Milos Forman is one of the great masters of cinema, not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Hollywood, where he triumphed with titles such asHairYAmadeus. The AL ESTE festival will present in this edition a selection of his filmography that covers his early years where we will meet a Forman director and screenwriter, sculpting his language in the midst of a totalitarian regime. 

Moderator: David Duponchel (EAST Director)

Michal Sedlacek

Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Peru since September 2016. He has worked in different government entities, including the Government Office, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Michal Sedlaczek.png

Paul DeVita

Image and sound designer. Collaborator in different media. He has extensive coverage of film festivals. Co-author of several books specialized in cinema. Author of “Dialogues with Polish cinema”.

Pablo Devita.jpeg

SUNDAY 04/10


Distribution of short films: a Latin American challenge

The juries of the "Emerging Peru" competition talk about the opportunities for the distribution of Latin American fiction and documentary short films.

Moderator: Carlos Salvatierra (EAST Programming Coordinator)

Luciana Abad

Creator of “Hasta 30 Minutos”, distributor of Latin American short films that has the oldest and most diverse catalog on the continent. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work and management.

Lu Abad.gif

Ishmael Martin

It has distributed more than 700 short films at film festivals, accumulating more than 20,000 selections and 2,000 awards. He works on the distribution projects Selected Films and Shorts Distribution, dedicated to new directors.

Ismael Martin.gif

MONDAY 10/05


Art and narrative in the documentary

How is the art direction executed in a documentary? How is this discipline integrated into the narrative of a genre that, by principle, portrays reality? Those in charge of two documentaries in the competition of the XI Festival AL ESTE will explain it in this conversation.

Moderator: Diana Solis (Art Director)

Simultaneous translation

Dea Gjinovci, director

Swiss-Albanian documentary filmmaker with a background in economics and anthropology, director of the film in competitionwake up on mars.


MONDAY 10/05


Thinking about the cities of tomorrow in the company of the situationists and Guy Debord

Under the premise of understanding the city as a living organism in constant change, the Drift Theory, born in the cradle of Guy Debord's Situationism, proposes a playful and exciting vision of the city. In this conversation, two specialists will explain this look, diametrically opposed to that of a regulated and boring environment.

Moderator: Jorge Juarez Li 

Consecutive Translation

Thierry Paquot

urban philosopher. Professor at the Paris Urbanism Institute. For more than 30 years he has participated in debates on the city, architecture and urbanization. In his writings, he denounces the urbanism of the productivist era and proposes to alter architectures in the name of existential ecology. He has published numerous works on the matter.


Patricia Ciriani

Historian of Franco-Peruvian art and architecture. Since 1998, he has curated, supervised or managed interdisciplinary exhibitions in Paris, Nancy, Barcelona and Lima. She is a university professor and is about to publish “Lima la sublime”, her first book.



Jorge Juarez Li

Co-founder of FutureLab, research consultancy for innovation and design of futures. Professor of the Department of Social Sciences and member of the PUCP Visual Anthropology Research Group.




Period cinema outside of Hollywood

Based on their experience, the specialists in this conversation will explain the challenges and particularities of a period film that does not enjoy the big Hollywood budgets. They will go from the approach of the script to the production and realization phases.

Presents: Jaro Adrianzén

Simultaneous translation

Barnabas Toth (Hungary)

Director offor those who remain

He has written and directed two feature films: “Camembert Rose” (2009) and “Los que remnants” (2019), which is competing in the XI edition of the Al Este Film Festival. His short film “Újratervezés” (2013) is one of the most successful in Hungary, with more than 1.8 million views on Vimeo.


Marina Gumzi (Slovenia)

Producer and screenwriterHistory of the Chestnut Forests

Producer. His recent works were presented and/or awarded at festivals in Toronto, Rotterdam and Marseille, among others. He currently focuses on the creation and curation of projects by young artists.




Presentation of the book "Dialogues with Polish cinema" by Pablo De Vita

Dialogues with Polish cinema is a unique book that brings together, through a series of interviews and profiles, fundamental directors of Polish cinematography of all time, such as Andrzej Wajda, Agnieszka Holland or Pawel Pawlikowski. Its author, Pablo de Vita, and the film critic Isaac León Frías will talk about it.

Paul DeVita

Image and sound designer. Collaborator in various media. He has extensive coverage of film festivals. Co-author of several books specialized in cinema. Author of “Dialogues with Polish cinema”.

Pablo Devita.jpeg

Isaac Leon Frias

Teacher and film critic. He was director of the magazine “Hablemos de cine” and of the Lima Film Library of the Art Museum. He is part of the editorial board of the magazine “Indiscrete Window”. He has received recognition for his critical work.




Presentation of the book "Poetics of Experimental Cinema in the Southern Cone" by Ángela López Ruiz

Ángela López Ruiz's book is the conclusion and systematization of a work in which she addresses the processes of experimental cinema in the region. It is a transdisciplinary academic work that intersects with the artistic and curatorial practices carried out by the author.

Angela Lopez Ruiz

Uruguayan researcher of the ISMO ISMO ISMO Experimental Cinema in Latin America program. He is a member of the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo collective, where he collaborates with the activities of the Laboratorio-FAC. Cultural manager of public and private projects.

Ángela López Ruiz


Angie Bonino

Artist, teacher, graphic designer and artistic curator. In his varied production he uses video, performance, installation, net art, virtual reality, sound, painting, drawings and various formats. She is an art conservator with new technologies.


FRIDAY 09/10


Music and sound in the cinema

Through his most recent feature film, “Lillian”, the filmmaker Andreas Horvath highlights the importance of music in cinema. In the film, the soundtrack that he himself composed plays a decisive role: it accompanies and guides the protagonist during a journey in which she hardly says a word.

Simultaneous translation

Andreas Horvath

Award-winning filmmaker and photographer. His films premiered at the Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Rotterdam and Amsterdam festivals. “Lillian”  has won a dozen awards since its 2019 premiere at the “Directors' Fortnight” in Cannes.



Karin Zielinsky

Peruvian composer. Since 2010 she has focused on composing music for film. He has collaborated with directors such as Francisco Lombardi, Aldo Salvini, Joel Calero, Adrián Saba, among others.




EAST Animation

The creative work of animated cinema ranges from the development of the project to the artistic direction and the technical process to create the characters and locations. This discussion will be about that, which will also address the various stories and themes that can be told and shown from animation.

Simultaneous translation

Mariusz Wilczynski

Self-taught artist who has been creating signature animations for over 20 years. For the last 11 years he has worked on “Kill him and leave this city”, a film in competition at the Al Este Film Festival. He is a professor of animation at the Łódź Film School.

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