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The presence, for the first time in Latin America, of the Taiwanese director TSAI MING-LIANG stands out, as well as ABEL FERRARA, SERGEI LOZNITSA, AND HUBERT SAUPER.


  • We can enjoy film productions from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as from South America and Asia.


  • There will be eleven films in the official competition and many more in different sections dedicated to a diverse audience.


  •  All Festival titles can be accessed WITH ONE SINGLE PAYMENT, through the new digital platform EL EKRAN.


Lima, 14th of September, 2020. 


From October 1st to 11th, the XI edition of the AL ESTE Festival in Peru will be showcased in a digital format. This Festival is a showcase for the most outstanding films from Central and Eastern Europe on this side of the world. The Festival AL ESTE has positioned itself in Peru and other countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia, as a benchmark in movies not usually seen in our region. In addition, These arrive as a scoop directly from the most important festivals in the world. In past editions, AL ESTE, has received the visit of outstanding filmmakers, such as Bela Tarr, Sharunas Bartas, Pawel Pawlikowski, Dunja Kusturica, Hubert Sauper, among others.


For this XI edition and regarding the exhibition of their films, we will have the virtual presence of worldwide recognized filmmakers and international personalities who will offer master classes. In this edition, as a milestone for LatinAmerica, the legendary Taiwanese director TSAI MING-LIANG will be present for the first time virtually, on the occasion of the screening of his film "Long live love". This as part of the presentation of the new section "FAR EAST: TAIWÁN", in which films from this country will be shown. Your participation in AL ESTE will be an event for our continent. The participation of ABEL FERRARA, one of the great American filmmakers, and the Austrian HUBERT SAUPER are also expected. Of both we will see "Siberia" and "Epicenter", respectively, within the special section. The Ukrainian SERGEI LOZNITSA, the most recognized filmmaker in his country, will also give a Masterclass to talk about his process through the documentary. His famous documentary "State Funeral" will be presented at the Festival. These direct encounters with these famous filmmakers will be available to international audiences for a low price.


To maintain the level that characterizes this festival, productions from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, will be seen. Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay and Taiwan.


Among the films in competition are "Žáby bez jazyka" and "V Síti" from the Czech Republic; “Zabij to i wyjedź z tego miasta” from Poland; “Oleg” from Latvia / Lithuania; “Zgodbe iz kostanjevih gozdov” from Slovenia; Ukraine's “The Earth Is Blue as an Orange”, Austria / Germany's “The Trouble with Being Born”; “Akik maradtak” from Hungary; "Mare" from Croatia, and "Revéil sur Mars" from Switzerland / France, and "I was at home, but ..." from Germany / Serbia.


In the section AL ESTE: SPECIAL, outstanding and long-awaited productions will arrive, such as the documentary “Epicenter” by Hubert Sauper; "Siberia" by Abel Ferrara; "Sole" by Carlo Sironi; "What burns" by Olver Laxe; "Atlantis" by Valentyn Vasyanovych, and "State Funeral" by Sergei Loznitsa.


There will be a FOKUS dedicated to the work of MILOŠ FORMAN in its Czech period of the 1960s, and a total retrospective of GUY DEBORD (with its six works). This Focus will be presented by the famous french filmmaker OLIVIER ASSAYAS.


The Festival also includes the AL ESTE ITINERANTE section, with Latin American films, such as the Argentine "Miserere" and "Mamá, mama, mama"; the Colombian "Lázaro"; the French "No longer will there be night" and "Jumbo"; the Uruguayan "The death of a dog", and the Peruvian "Cines de Video" and "Cuarentena".


Peru will have dedicated sections, called PERÚ EMERGENTE and EXPERIMENTALESTE, in which national shorts and documentaries will be shown.


As usual, there will be various activities such as lectures, master classes, the section dedicated to children called KLUK, and a series of experimental shorts films.


This edition´s titles will be viewed through the new ELEKRAN.COM platform, which will be launched in this XI edition and which for a single payment will give access to the entire programming catalog during the Festival dates. In this way, they want to expand access to the public throughout the country on the occasion of the AL ESTE.


As usual, special events will not be put aside, taking place through ZOOM. We will also have AL ESTE NIGHTS, special events with music and that will give us the opportunity to share opinions and experiences, in a virtual social environment.


The inauguration will be on October 1 with the screening of Only We Left to Dance (2019), a co-production of Sweden, Georgia and France, directed by Levan Akin.


For the closing ceremony there will be a Film-Concert, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the premiere of the classic silent feature film "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari", by Robert Wiene, and which will feature live music.


ESTELAB, the filmmaking laboratory that allows national and international projects to receive advice and support from prominent European filmmakers, has been a success, reaching a hundred projects presented from more than twenty countries. In this way, the bridge of collaboration between our continents is consolidated and gives young filmmakers the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the development of their work.


This edition is made possible thanks to SODA Films, Ministry of Culture, Movies That Matter, Espacio Fundación Telefónica / Movistar, Embassy of Taiwan, Embassy of Italy, Italian Institute of Culture, Embassy of France, Cultural Center of Spain, Embassy of the Czech Republic , Embassy of Switzerland, Swiss Culture Fund, Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Ukraine, Embassy of Hungary, Embassy of Slovenia, Infinito and Lits.


The details of this edition of AL ESTE and the sale of tickets can be known in detail by entering the Festival website.


You can also download the complete program in PDF.


Photos and additional material can be downloaded from the following link: 

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