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MONDAY 10/05


Art and narrative in the documentary

How is the art direction executed in a documentary? How is this discipline integrated into the narrative of a genre that, by principle, portrays reality? Those in charge of two documentaries in the competition of the XI Festival AL ESTE will explain it in this conversation.

Moderator: Gisella Ramírez  (Art Director)

Simultaneous translation

Dea Gjinovci, director

Swiss-Albanian documentary filmmaker with a background in economics and anthropology, director of the film in competitionwake up on mars.


Gisella Ramírez (Moderator)

She graduated from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Lima and, after a few years dedicated to cinema, she decided to specialize and study the Master of Production Design and Cinematographic Art Direction at the ESCAC film school, Spain. He has participated in feature films and short films screened and awarded at major film festivals.


Aurélia Martin 

Costume designer and multidisciplinary set designer, who has worked as a set designer for Jean Paul Gaultier and props at the Opera La Monnaie in Brussels. She is currently a professor of global design at the École de Conde in Paris. One of his most recent works is the documentary “Wake up on Mars” (2020). 

Diana Solis

Graduated in painting and specialized in Art Direction. He began his audiovisual career making 'fashion films' In the cinema, his work stands out in the film “Hotel Paraíso” (2017), by Gabriel Paúcar Vásquez.

Jesse Wallace 

Franco-American artist, lives between Paris and San Francisco, and works using diverse techniques such as sculpture, photography and the creation of installations. His work focuses on the recreation of isolated characters in remote places. He recently worked as an art director and set designer on the documentary “Wake up on Mars” (2020).

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