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The world after an atomic age. Aldellio is an engineer who has discovered the artificial synthesis of two fundamental substances, Stelin and Skali, which allow the unlimited production of Oreon energy. This discovery upsets the balance of power in the world. But Aldellio has disappeared with the secret of the transformation and the Kryo'Corp Corporation, which produces Oreon, is on the verge of collapse, while the world is on the border of chaos.

Cinemark Jockey Plaza

Saturday June 01

7:00 p.m.


Armando Robles Godoy Room

Thursday June 06

8:00 p.m.


Original title: Le trésor des îles chiennes.

Director: F. J.Ossang

Country: France.

Year: 1990

Duration: 1h 48min

The treasure of the Perras Islands

Hindsight F. J.Ossang

El tesoro_Still.jpg


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