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Jury Deliberation - EAST XI

Press Jury Award

The Official Jury of the Press Prize of the XI Al Este Film Festival 2020, made up of Erica Acuña, Alfredo Friedlander and Paola Ugaz, has awarded the prize for best film in the Al Este competition to:


“The earth is blue like an orange” (Ukraine), by Iryna Tsilyk.

Faced with the horror of war, faced with the emptiness it leaves behind, faced with its remains, the camera becomes a healing, therapeutic instrument; filming is the way to sublimate horror. The lens looks, records, narrates, but also feels the ethical need to confront and transform us, to re-signify the pain of those experiences that break us as humanity and give us a shred of hope. 

That is why, unanimously, the jury has decided to award him the press award of the XI edition of the Festival Al Este Perú.


Official Competition

The Official Jury of the Al Este Competition of the XI Al Este Film Festival 2020, made up of Marité Ugas, Melania Urbina, Sébastien Blayec, Miguel Angel Moulet and Dina Naser, has awarded the Al Este award for best film to two productions:


“The earth is blue like an orange” (Ukraine), by Iryna Tsilyk

For entering the intimacy of a family, in the midst of a war, through a cinematographic language that erases the borders of fiction and documentary, and where cinema is refuge and also redemption.


“Kill him and leave this city” (Poland), by Mariusz Wilczynski

For the dark and dreamlike journey, through the director's childhood memories, to the rhythm of a soundtrack that exalts the disturbing animation.


traveling competition

The Official Jury of the Itinerant Competition of the XI Al Este Film Festival 2020, formed by Lucile de Calan, Heleen Gerritsen and Silvia Romero, has awarded the award for best film of the Itinerant Competition to:


“Mom, Mom, Mom” (Argentina), by Sol Berruezo Pichon-Riviere

In a secluded place that looks like a secret garden, three generations of women and girls spend the summer and mourn the loss of a child. Told from the perspective of an 11-year-old girl in kaleidoscopic, often dreamlike images, past and present come together. The jury was impressed with this debut, not only because of the masterful work of the director with the actresses, but also because of the constant rhythm and atmosphere that remains interesting until the end. A film full of imagination and tropical melancholy.

The jury also decided to award an honorable mention to:


“Solo” (France), by Artemio Benki

We were drawn into this film by virtue of the genius of Martín Perino (the protagonist), and immersed in his music and in the depths of his loneliness. The modesty and intelligence with which the director approaches his character and reveals his story are remarkable. Cinematically the film is strong; the staging and images are impressive for their precision._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_We were totally seduced by this film that reveals in each one of us, through the protagonist of Martín, our loneliness, our fragility and the importance of creativity. 


Competition Peru Emerging

The Official Jury of the Emerging Peru Competition of the XI Al Este 2020 Film Festival, formed by Luciana Abad, Jaime Manrique and Ismael Martín, has awarded the prize for best short film of the Emerging Peru competition to:


“The Celebration”, by Bryan Urrunaga

For bringing us closer to a universal story that at the same time shows a deep local flavor, built from the artistic details that nest in the region and that carry in their silence conflicts that are about to be unleashed in the midst of a story that feels very Latin American, we award the First Prize to “The Celebration”.

In addition, the jury awarded a Special Mention to:


“198451”, by Valentin Falconí

Due to its level of risk in constructing an adult and dark story through characters that come from a children's universe, allowing a criticism of the consumer society and our dehumanization to be elaborated, we have decided to unanimously give special mention to animation "198451", which additionally shows a great management of the stop motion technique and a very well done script. 


Finally, the jury awarded a mention for Best Direction to:


“Cerquillo”, by Carmen Rojas Gamarra


For the director's ability to credibly construct the everyday world of her characters and develop a staging where time flows naturally, with a narrative pulse in which nothing is being told, but everything is on the surface in the middle of adolescent conflicts. Its potential to develop an arc of forceful transformation of the characters leads us to award the mention for Best Direction to "Cerquillo", by Carmen Rojas.


Experimental Competition


The Official Jury of the Experimental Competition XI Al Este Film Festival 2020, made up of Ángela López, Vera Tyuleneva and Juan Diego Tobalina, has awarded the award for best short film in the Experimental competition to:


“Paqarinanchismanta huk qillqa (Written from our paqarina)”, by Jorge Castro Gutiérrez.

The jury has declared that the winning film is worthy of the AL ESTE award for the management of visual resources and narration in the original language.


“Matter/l found and/or idea of a house”, de Isaac Ernesto Ruiz.

The jury has declared that the winning film is worthy of the AL ESTE award for its treatment of the subject of painful memory and the method of working with family archive material.

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