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SUNDAY 10/11


Conversation "Debord and poetry"

This conversation will delve into how, for Situationism, poetry should be unified with art and social action to materialize a single force against spectacle and the kingdom of merchandise. On how the premise indicated that daily life had to be poetized and poetry itself used as a strategy. 

Moderator: Carlos Estella

Marisa Martinez Persian

Poet and teacher. He has published “Los pliegos obtuses” (Argentina, 2004), “The only door was yours” (Spain, 2015), “The sky in parentheses” (Spain, the United States and Italy, 2017) and the anthology “After the ash” (Argentina, 2017).


Gabriel Zacarias 

Professor of History at the University of Campinas (Brazil). He has studied the Guy Debord archives at the French National Library and the Situationist Documents at the Beinecke Library.

Gabriel Zacarias_invitado.JPG


Carlos Estella

Poet, editor, graphic designer and teacher. Master in Iberian and Hispanic American Studies from the Université Bordeaux Montaigne (France), where he is a professor of Spanish and Latin American civilization.

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