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EAST Animation

The creative work of animated cinema ranges from the development of the project to the artistic direction and the technical process to create the characters and locations. This discussion will be about that, which will also address the various stories and themes that can be told and shown from animation.

With the moderation of Angie Bonino

Consecutive Translation into Spanish

Mariusz Wilczynski

Self-taught artist who has been creating signature animations for over 20 years. For the last 11 years he has worked on “Kill him and leave this city”, a film in competition at the Al Este Film Festival. He is a professor of animation at the Łódź Film School.


Angie Bonino

Artist, teacher, graphic designer and artistic curator. In his varied production he uses video, performance, installation, net art, virtual reality, sound, painting, drawings and various formats. She is an art conservator with new technologies. 

Angie Bonino color- fotografa Wendy Vega
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