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We decided to stay home, but accompanied by the best cinema. For this reason, the XI edition of  Al Este Film Festival, initially announced for this June, will be held from October 1 to 11, online. The context warrants it: the entertainment industry, which includes the exhibition of cinema in theaters, has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dozens of film festivals around the world were canceled and several others temporarily migrated to the digital format. We are in the second group. We adapt to the "new normal" of the environment to bring home some of the most stimulating films from Central and Eastern Europe, as we have been doing in Peru for a decade.


Of course, rest assured that sooner or later we will return to the dark room. Until then, we are working to offer you movies, masterclasses, interviews and a lot of content in the best quality and with the greatest possible security.


ESTELAB - 2019


The seminar ESTE LAB proposes master classes taught by directors noted for their originality and creative autonomy. Participants will have the opportunity to hear first-hand the experiences of great professionals from the film industry in the world.




El  Festival de Cine Al Este, no sería posible sin la participación y genuino interés por el desarrollo e intercambio de la vasta cultura cinematográfica del Perú con Europa, que compartimos con  todos nuestros partners. 

A ellos, nuestro más sincero agradecmiento.

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