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We encourage you to be part of the heart of the Al Este Film Festival. Join the team for a light-hearted adventure and enjoy all of our movies, master classes and talks available

Our valuable group of volunteers leads the initiative of our festival, thanks to the energy and enthusiasm they have to change the world through cinema.

Currently, we are looking for creative, innovative, proactive people and film lovers who wish to participate in the XII edition of the festival for the followingareas:

  • Drafting

  • Graphic design

  • network management

you will get the followingBenefits

  • Certificate of participation in the festival.

  • Full access to all the contents of the festival: films and master classes.

  • An annual subscription to the streaming platform El Ekran. 


  • Call: from Monday, March 15 to Friday, April 2. 

  • Pre-selected contact: Monday, April 5.

  • Online interviews: from Tuesday, April 6 to Thursday, April 8.

  • Results: Friday, April 9. 

Forpostulateclick here:

Leave us your doubts and/or inquiries to the following email: and we will gladly answer them.

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