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reasons for exile

East World

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Gabriel (Giovanni Ciccia) is a young man who arrives in New York with the illusion of dedicating himself to his great passion, cinema. After many attempts, Gabriel feels that he has managed to write the script of his career, a story that will give life to an original pornographic film. With an excellent script in hand but without any money, Gabriel begins to look for alternatives to be able to produce his film. On the recommendation of his boss, in the work he does to survive, Gabriel gets in contact with people with not very clear reputations, who give him the money with the sole condition that the leading role is given to the investor's wife. What at first does not seem to be an obstacle, in the end becomes for Gabriel the tragedy of his existence. Gabriel has risked everything to make his film and whoever risks... can always lose.


Sunday June 02
8:00 p.m.


Original title: Reasons for exile

Director: Juan Manuel Calderón

Country: United States, Peru, Spain

Year 2007

Duration: 70 minutes

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