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To the Eastis an independent film festival, organized in Argentina, Colombia, France and Peru. Its main objective is to spread the cinematographic culture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, allowing the strengthening, integration and dialogue between these two parts of the world. 

Every year,To the Eastinvites a large number of spectators and professionals. It proposes a category of feature films in competition, fiction and documentary, and each country proposes a selection of short films in competition and a tour to the East that includes feature films. 

The festival is organized by Soda Films and Association A l'Est du Nouveau, together with the cooperation and support of many institutions such as the Ministry of Culture (Peru), Region Normandie (France), the embassies of Austria, the Czech Republic, France , Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, various national film centers, private companies, volunteers and professionals with the same goal of promoting cinema and creating new audiences, in the context of globalization.

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