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Presentation of the book "Poetics of Experimental Cinema in the Southern Cone" by Ángela López Ruiz

Ángela López Ruiz's book is the conclusion and systematization of a work in which she addresses the processes of experimental cinema in the region. It is a transdisciplinary academic work that intersects with the artistic and curatorial practices carried out by the author.

Angela Lopez Ruiz

Uruguayan researcher of the ISMO ISMO ISMO Experimental Cinema in Latin America program. He is a member of the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo collective, where he collaborates with the activities of the Laboratorio-FAC. Cultural manager of public and private projects.

Ángela López Ruiz


Angie Bonino

Artist, teacher, graphic designer and artistic curator. In his varied production he uses video, performance, installation, net art, virtual reality, sound, painting, drawings and various formats. She is an art conservator with new technologies.

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