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Period cinema outside of Hollywood

Based on their experience, the specialists in this conversation will explain the challenges and particularities of a period film that does not enjoy the big Hollywood budgets. They will go from the approach of the script to the production and realization phases.

Presents: Jaro Adrianzén

Simultaneous translation

Barnabas Toth (Hungary)

Director offor those who remain

He has written and directed two feature films: “Camembert Rose” (2009) and “Los que remnants” (2019), which is competing in the XI edition of the Al Este Film Festival. His short film “Újratervezés” (2013) is one of the most successful in Hungary, with more than 1.8 million views on Vimeo.


Marina Gumzi (Slovenia)

Producer and screenwriterHistory of the Chestnut Forests

Producer. His recent works were presented and/or awarded at festivals in Toronto, Rotterdam and Marseille, among others. He currently focuses on the creation and curation of projects by young artists.

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