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Debord by Assayas

The prestigious French director Olivier Assayas will analyze Situationism, a political-artistic movement founded and directed by one of his main influences: the philosopher and filmmaker Guy Debord. His conversation will focus on Debord's scarce but powerful filmography, with special emphasis on "The society of the spectacle", a fundamental manifesto in the criticism of culture and society of the 20th century.

Consecutive translation

Olivier Assayas (France)

He has written and directed more than twenty films. After studying art and literature, he made short films, wrote screenplays and wrote articles for the Cahiers de Cinéma (between 1980 and 1985). In 1986 he made his debut at the Venice Film Festival with "Disorder".



Carolina Sourdis (Colombia)

Colombian filmmaker and researcher. Doctor in Film Studies from Pompeu Fabra University. It combines film creation with film research, cultural management, teaching and curating. 

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